Greens Fees 2023 / 2024

Members:  18 Holes: E150.00
9 Holes: E90.00
Junior Fees Under 13: 18 Holes: E20.00
9 Holes: E10.00
Competition Fees: 18 Holes: E150.00 with an option E50.00 Halfway House
9 Holes: E130.00
Non-Members Fee: 18 Holes: E190.00
9 Holes: E130.00
Caddie Fees: 18 Holes: E150.00
9 Holes: E100.00
Yearly Membership Single: E1000.00
Family: E1500.00
Junior Membership: E600.00
Handicap Card: E250.00

Fishing and Boating

Excellent fishing is available on Sand River Dam. Fish in the dam include: Ghielie, Silver Robber, Rose Vin Barb, Large Mouth Brownspot, Red Breast Kurper, Blue Kurper, Makriel, Green Head and Barbel. Lodge residents are granted temporary membership to the yacht club as well as a fishing license and are welcome to bring their own boats.

Lazing by the pool

Enjoy the Sun while tanning around the pool, the Bar and Restaurant aren’t far away, fun for the whole family.

Game Reserve for Hiking and Cycling

Well marked trails for hiking and biking run through the reserve with excellent bird watching and game viewing opportunities. The reserve features: Impala, Warthog, Zebra, Waterbuck, Kudu, Wildebeast, Nyala, Bushbuck, Giraffe, Grey Duiker, Bushpig and Porcupine.

Excellent Birding

There is excellent birding at Mananga both in the Game Reserve & around the dam as well as in the Lodge gardens.

Chill Lounge

After a day of activities cool off and relax in our Chill Lounge.